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Aims and Objectives of the Association
Aims and Objectives of the AssociationTo encourage and establish fellow feelings, better understanding, mutual cooperation, unanimity of purpose among the members from all sections of ceramic and allied industries. To promote and protect the interest and independency of ceramic and allied industries.To represent the industries and their interest in a deputation, petition and other such representation as may be required to the Govt. Railways, Communications and the likes. To approach Public Sector undertaking for help and assistance to the needs of the industry, e....
Extracts Of the Constitution For Members
PAST PRESIDENTS:Following are the names of the Past Presidents of the Associations: Sl.No. Name Year 1. Shri M.G.Bhagat (Founder President) (Bengal Potteries) 1948-50 2. Shri C.P. Shah (Bombay) 1950-55 3. Shri D.C.Mazumder (Central Potteries) 1955-58 4. Shri C.P.Shah (Bombay Potteries)   1958-59 5. Shri S.C.Ghosh (India Potteries) 1961-64 6. Shri L.R.Bhagat (Sodpur Potteries) 1964-66 7. Shri G.K.Bhagat (Bengal Potteries) 1966-69 8. Shri T.S.Chintamoni (EID-PARRY) 1969-70 ..