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The Ceramic Industry of India has a very long history since the time of Mahenjodaro and Harapa .It was mainly centered on TERRA COTTA at that time. After many centuries, during the British regime, ceramic tableware, tiles and refractories started to be manufactured in Raniganj (West Bengal) around 1870. Though the culture and traditions of the British imperialism did not fit in with that of India, we were influenced by the British which developed a new outlook for the Indian Industry. It had a direct impact on the standard and life style of the Indians. The use of ceramic with respect to its hygienic and aesthetic value inspired a lot of entrepreneurs to start their business in ceramic and allied fields. It is recorded in ancient history of India that some soldiers who came to India along with invaders like Sultan Mahmud (1100) & Timar Lane (Taimurlong) in 785 A.D. volunteered to continue in India and latter became Potters in Khurja, U.P. and Tamilnadu & Gujarat. During the first half of twentieth century many eminent personalities both academicians as well as industrialists took interest in Pottery Industry of India and set up factories one after another till independence in 1947.Late Madan Gopal Bhagat, the founder President of All India Pottery Manufacturers’ Association was a legend industrialist of Bengal Potteries which became synonymous with the house hold activities of each and every Indian family at that time.The scenario of Indian industry got a tremendous impetus after the independence and the ceramic field was not also the exception. Late Shri M.G.Bhagat established a ceramic unit in Pagladanga, Calcutta named Bengal Potteries which drew the attention of the whole world being the largest in Asia excepting Japan. Late Shri L.R.Bhagat started Sodepur Pottery in the district of North 24 Pgs. West Bengal. It was collaborated with Takasogo of Japan for the purpose of building Tunnel kiln in India. It was the first of its kind in India at that time. Late Sri Parashuram at the same time started 3 units in Gujarat for producing ceramic, sanitary ware, tiles and table ware at Morbi and two other places. Today, Gujarat, the leading state in ceramic business is indebted to Sri Parashuram and Late Shri Mahadev and Achyut Ganapule.Another ceramic industry, named Indian Pottery was also started by eminent freedom fighter Late Sudhir Ch. Ghosh. It used to produce semi porcelain crockery at that time. The beauty of this unit was in the fact that the proprietorship was with the freedom fighters of the country and the technology was completely Indian. India Pottery has now become converted to the manufacturer of H.T. Insulators. It has slowly but steadily developed coal fired down draft to Oil/Gas fired shuttle kiln and then to Tunnel kilns. Presently, India Pottery is one of the leading manufacturers of Insulators in India which is being led by Shri Samir Kr. Ghosh, ex President of All India Pottery Manufacturers’ Association, Indian Ceramic Society and Indian Institute of Ceramics.Late Shri Kishan Kapur and Shri Ved Kapur established the unit named Hitkari after 1960 at Faridabad, Haryna. Hitkari was the only Indian ceramic unit which can be named after Bengal Pottery to reach every house of India with its brand name. It had the distinction of producing stoneware (single fired), fine stoneware (double fired) and bone china. Late Shri Narayan Das Davda established Navavarat Potteries Pvt. Ltd. and Daylight Potteries Pvt. Ltd. in Maharastra, Shri Goyel of Sonipath established Bharat Porcelain, Shri Bawa established Bawa Potteries in Delhi Khurja, a small town in U.P. has also attained the honour of achieving a remarkable place in ceramic field. It has got world wide acquaintance in this area. Dr.T.N.Sharma took the initiative to spread this industry at Khurja which has given birth to ceramic cluster here numbering over 500 units employing over 50,000 people and has a turnover of Rs.500 crore per year.It was after 1970 only Table ware industry in Jaipur started growing. In the year 1978 to 1990 almost the whole lot of good Bone China and stoneware units came up in Jaipur, Bahadurgarh, Gurgaon. All India Pottery Manufacturers’ Association feels proud to be associated with all these legendary personalities and have them Patrons and Members all throughout India.


All India Pottery Manufacturers’ Association was established in the year 1948 by Shri M.G.Bhagat, the legendary industrialist of Bengal Potterieswho became the founder President of the Association and took great interest in it till his death. The Association instituted an award in his name through the contribution of his sons. The Association was registered on 4th Day of February, 1954 under Indian Companies Act, 1913.

All India Pottery Manufacturers’ Association undertakes different programmes for the awareness and development of the members. The most important is the lecture session on different subjects related with ceramic and allied fields. Any member desirous to participate in the session is free to contact us. The Association keeps the members informed time to time about the different developments occurring in Govt. related fields. The Association also keeps the members posted about the different seminars organized by Confederation of Indian Industries, the largest association of industries in India. The Association also serves the members with different informations for the development of their businessHistory