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All India Pottery Manufacturers' Association bestows the following two awards:

Madan Gopal Bhagat Award: – This award is given in the name of the founder President of

AIPMA, Late Madan Gopal Bhagat every year. The Award has started from the year 1996-97 by

Shri B.N.Bhagat. Presently the family of Late G.K.Bhagat is supporting the fund required for this

purpose. The award constitutes of a Plaque of Honour, a Citation and award of Rs.10, 000/-. The

recipient of the award gets a traveling assistance of Rs.2000/- also.

The award is given to the employee and / or officer of one of the members of AIPMA. The person

concerned must be having significant contribution in any Pottery work or matters related hereof.The

area of Pottery Work considered for the selection of the Award includes Ceramic Tableware,

Sanitary ware, H.T. & L.T. insulators, Wall & Floor Tiles, Pottery / Ceramic machinery, Ceramic

Colour, Ceramic Transfer/Decal, Technical Ceramics & Ceramic Raw materials.

The recipient of the Award can also be adjudged from the members of AIPMA only and they need

not to be an employee or an officer.

The names of the recipients of the award till 2014 are given below:

1. Shri Arun Kr. Bhatia M/s. U.P.Ceramics & Potteries Ltd. 1996
2. Shri Ashish Janah M/s. Vallauris Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. 1997
3. . Shri Swapan Kr. Guha M/s. Jaipur Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. 1998
4. No Nomination 1999
5. hri Pankaj Kr. Poddar M/s. Allied Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. 2000
6. Shri Anil Chand Lodha M/s. Jaya Shree Insulators 2001
7. No Nomination 2002
8. Shri Nirmal Kr. Guha M/s. Jaipur Glass & Potteries 2003
9. No Nomination 2004
10. Shri Amit Kr. De M/s. A.K.Industrial Corporation 2005
11. Shri Monoranjan Das M/s. B.B.Engineering Works 2006
12. Shri Vikash Agarwal M/s. Clay Craft India Pvt. Ltd. 2007
13. . Shri Purnendu Mishra M/s. Sahaj Cerchem Pvt. Ltd 2008
14. Shri S.N.Laha M/s. Natasha Ceramics & Consultancy 2009
15. Dr. S.K.Banerjee M/s. ITEM 2010
16. Shri Amal Kumar Guha M/s. R.P.Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. 2011
17. No Nomination 2012
18. Shri Anil Kumar Kaviraj M/s. H & R Johnsin (India) 2013

Suresh Sen Smriti Puroshkar :- This award is given in the name of Late Suresh Chandra Sen,

the proprietor of M/s. Techno Ceramic (India) Pvt. Ltd. in the alternate year. This award started from

the year 2001.

The basis of selection for the award is as follows:

Life time [period of minimum 25 years] continued involvement in some significant activities or others

related to 'Ceramics'.

The PUROSHKAR shall not be given posthumously or to a person more than 80 years. Any person

whose achievement is in any of the following activities will be given preference:

(1) Innovation of Process, (2) Quality Up gradation, (3) Reduction of Production Cost,

4) Organisational welfare, (5) Spread of Non Formal education of benefit for professional

efficiency particularly in Ceramics.

The award constitutes of a Plaque of Honour, a Citation, Award of Rs.7,500/- , Wrapping Shawl.

The names of the recipients of the award are given below:

1. Shri Samir Kr. Ghos M/s. India Potteries Ltd. 2001
2. Shri G.M.Agarwa M/s. Sahaj Cerchem Pvt. Ltd. 2003
3. Shri N.K.Guha M/s. Jaipur Glass & Potteries 2005
4. Dr. S.K.Banerjee M/s. ITEM 2007
5. Dr. A.L.Sashi Mohan M/s. Vipra 2009
6. Dr. S.D.Mazumder M/s. H & R Johnson (India) 2011
7. Shri Amal Kumar Guha M/s. Subarna Ashram 2013